Hire Virtual Paralegal Services - Virtual Assistant Services

You can hire virtual assistant from Outsourcing Co. to work as your offshore staff to work for you. Virtual assitant can perform all jobs for you which an onshore staff can do. At Outsourcing Co. we are primarily focused in providing KBPO - Knowledge based process outsourcing services in the area of accounting, administration, inventory management, data entry services, research, paralegal services support staff indusry wide.

We provide trained talented paralegal staff, who have experience for working with US Attorney's. Our stringent quality standards ensure us to provide back office solutions that give your practice an edge over your competitors.

Hire Virtual Paralegal Services

You will get dedicated trained hands with experience in using Bestcase, EZfiling, Bankruptcy 2009, Bankruptcy Pro and others to support as your own staff. You can hire our paralegal staff for bankruptcy paralegal service to prepare bankruptcy petition for you.

Confidentiality and Non Discloser Agreement

Outsourcing Co. is 100% Confidential  bankruptcy petition preparation service. Virtual paralegal service is what we do and we are not interested in stealing, selling or revealing the information you share with us. We  sign NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement with you for protection and security of your proprietary information.

All information that you share with us, including debtor information, contact information, and client notes will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances.

Disclaimer: Outsourcing Co. Outsourcing Co. is a paralegal service firm, is not a law firm, nor attorneys. We do not provide legal representation or advice. We work under the direct supervision of Attorney, whome we provide services. Our role is to assist attorneys, not the general public, in processing bankruptcy petitions.

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