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Why - Outsourced Accounting Services

Do you know that outsourced staffing solution can make earn money and save time. We primarily make you to focus on your core business. iAct outsourcing co. can be great strategy in synergy with you business needs. We can function as your accounting department. No commitment, no binding use as long as you need our staffing solution.

We are best bet for outsourced accounting services you need. Whether you are a new startup or established company, we provide trained staff to work and handle jobs as per your requiements. Whether your accounting is simple or complex, you get full attention from our staff and management team.

There are times , when you may need extra hands for part-time or temporary controllership.

Why you need Outsourcing accounting services.

- Outsourcing repetitive and time consuming tasks save you time and money. Accounting is too much time consuming and you want to utilize time for your business

- You want professional support but can not afford cost of professional accountant.

- You stay informed and need periodic financial statements for review.

Outsourced accounting services means that you pay only for the level of expertise and skill that you need, when you need it. Our service offerings cover the full range of accounting needs including. You need our MONTHLY bookkeeping package! Monthly Record Keeping All Income And Expenses Maintained - CASH / ACCRUAL Basis of Financials.

We customize BOOKKEEPING SERVICES package as per your BUSINESS Needs: - Get tailor-made solutions according to your business needs Create and Maintain Customer Files

Outsourced Accounting Services means business:

When you choose IAct as your business partner, rest assure we do have same feelings and our team work only to make you succeed in your business.

- Qualified trained resources that you may not have in-house ( save on hiring and retaining cost)
- Advantage state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure without having to make additional investments
- Assurance of quality services within stringent deadlines
- Secured services – through the use of our secure FTP server or encrypted e-mails for document upload/download
- Create/Maintain Customer Files (Invoices, Credit Memos, Payments)
- Create/Maintain Vendor Files (Invoices, Credit Memos, Payments)
- Create/Maintain Employee Payroll Files (I9’s, W4’s, W2’s, Approved Deductions, Compensation Changes)
- Deposit All Customer and Other Payments
- Chart of Accounts ( General Ledger Accounts)
- Inventory Accounts

Accrual Basis - Data entry of daily /Weekly/Monthly Transactions

- Payroll Journal - Payroll Checks, Tax Liability, Employee Deductions
- Sales Journal - Invoices (Cash & Credit)
- Cash Receipts Journal - Customer and Other Payments Received
- Cash Disbursements Journal - All Checks Written
- Accounts Receivable Sub ledger - Credit Customer Sales/Payments
- Fixed Asset Sub ledger - All Furniture and Equipment Purchased
- Inventory Sub ledger - All Products Purchased/Sold
- Accounts Payable Sub ledger - Vendor Purchases/Payments

Monthly Bookkeeping Service / Annual Financial Reports: Accrual / Cash Basis Reporting

- Balance Sheet
- Profit and Loss Statement – Month
- Profit and Loss Statement – Year-to-Date
- Cash Flow Statement
- General Ledger
- Bank Reconciliation Report
- Credit Card Reconciliation Report
- Reconcile all Sub ledgers to General Ledger
- Bank Reconciliation Report
- Accounts payable reconciliation Report
- Accounts receivable reconciliation Report

Virtual Accountants Supplied: Bookkeeper and Qualified Accountant


Team at iAct believes in understanding your exact business needs. We work to understand and develop a customized solution based on your business requirements. Depending on your unique requirements, we offer our services, for you to choose from our wide range of services

Contact us to outsource your requirements for accounting services.

Outsourcing Co. Advantages

What our Clients Say
Thank You I found you to support my business. My bookkeeping of my clients , no more a concern for me now. It is great feeling to share with you and your team, you made my life
You made hiring outsourcing so easy and affordable that I can not resist myself in recommending you to my friends and relatives. No learning curve required to start. I love it.
OMG, You are true one stop shop for me. You are helping me not only in bookkeeping and payroll of clients. Your other data entry and data conversion services is also awesome. My projects are completed on time with 99% accuracy. You are Awesome!